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Genel Nitelikler

We are looking for a "DevOps Engineer" for our client.

  • Responsibilities:
  • Automate everything mindset
  • Develop, manage, and enhance multi-region cloud infrastructure for overall service reliability, scalability, and cost
  • Build the foundation for an infrastructure engineering team and its practices that will grow with the company
  • Develop new ways to lead our systems and configuration that help engineering teams accelerate and self-serve the delivery of their solutions to our customers
  • Ensure our systems are safe and secure against cybersecurity threats.
  • Help determine our AWS account structure, IAM policies, and AWS account security at scale
  • Build and improve tools and automation to efficiently utilize infrastructure
  • Respond to incidents and support the engineering teams with its product incident response strategy
  • Follow-up on alerts, help technical customer support debug issues
  • Skills:
  • Experience in both Windows and UNIX/Linux
  • Deep knowledge of Infrastructure and automation on AWS/Azure/GCP
  • Knowledge and experience in AWS(EC2, ECS, VPC, CloudFront, S3)
  • Experience with containerization technologies and image optimization
  • Deep knowledge and experience in managing tools such as Docker, Nginx
  • Knowledge of Load Balancing, High Availability, and Clustering technologies
  • Professional experience in scripting languages such as Bash, PowerShell, Python
  • Knowledge and experience in version management, deployment, and CI/CD integrations
  • Experience with CI/CD tools (GIT, Jenkins)
  • Knowledge of IAC tools (preferably terraform)
  • Experience in managing log & monitoring tools such as ELK and Kibana.
  • Deep knowledge of network technologies such as DNS, SSL, TCP/IP, HTTP