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Genel Nitelikler

We are looking for "Frontend Developer" for our client.

  • Updating user-facing websites for our products and developing new ones,
  • Adding new features to existing internal web-based tools and developing new ones,
  • Good knowledge in English to understand documentations,
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in JavaScript development,
  • Good understanding of the .NET MVC,
  • Good understanding of the JavaScript frameworks(like React.js, Vue.js),
  • Ability to use modern front-end tools (e.g WebPack, Gulp),
  • Good technical understanding of RESTful APIs
  • Experience of mobile application development(React Native)
  • Good knowledge of consistent user experience,
  • Working experience with Git,
  • Great team player,
  • Completion of military service or minimum 1 year of postponed.